Simple Instructions To Help You Get More From Your Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are easy to use! But if you just bought one you’ll probably want some quick instructions. The short version:

  1. Prepare the rice and the water, use one cup of water for each cup of rice – for example if you want to prepare 3 cups of rice, use 3 cups of water.
  2. Pour the rice and the water into the bowl of the rice cooker.
  3. Turn on the cooker and wait patiently, this can take up to one and half hours. The cooker will signal once the rice is ready.

There is a lot more to rice cookers than this – read more to get all the details.Before the first use:
It’s a good idea to clean your rice cooker’s bowl before you first use it. If your rice cooker’s bowl is simple stainless steel (like Aroma’s Simply Stainless line of cookers), you can place it in the washing machine for a short program, otherwise just clean it using a soft cloth and dish liquid. Your rice cooker probably has a non-stick surface, so avoid the scrub sponge.

Prepare the rice:
To prepare the rice wash it thoroughly. Keep it simple and just wash it in the bowl until the water stays clear. Do not wash basmati or jasmine rice as it will lose it’s fragrance.

Rice and water quantity:
First just use a cup of water for every cup of rice – for example for cups of water for four cups of rice. Later on experiment with different rice and water quantities to find the one you like the best. Using more water will make the rice more mushy, while using less water will make it dryer. To learn more about the rice to water ratio click here. If you are just a little bit more adventurous try our lemon rice recipe.

Using a too small amount of rice and water could damage the non stick surface, as the part not covered by the water could overheat.

Your rice cooker will keep the rice cooker warm once it’s ready. Use wood or plastic utensils to serve the rice, this will spare the non-stick surface.

Cleaning your rice cooker:
Clean the rice cooker just as you cleaned it before the first use – if the inside bowl is stainless steel, you can put it in the washing machine. Otherwise just use a soft cloth and dish liquid. Avoid the scrub sponge or anything that could hurt the non-stick surface. If your scrub sponge is two-sided like this you can use the soft side.

If rice got stuck to the bowl your safest option is to soak it for a while and clean it later.

It’s a good idea to wipe the rice cooker with a soft, wet cloth every once in a while, so it’s not just clean on the inside but looks nice too.

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The non-stick surface is an Achilles’ heel of the rice cookers. Amazon has rice cookers without A non-stick surface here. These are more sturdy but are a harder to clean, just remember to soak them for some time.


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