9 Effective Web Marketing Tips

It has always been my joy, and desire to help others.   So many businesses out there looking to get a piece of the pie, but do not know what they can do to stand out above their competition.  Please take some of the ideas I have posted on many of my articles and use them.  Here are some of my tips which I developed while working for Azzurro Blu – a leading Web Development and marketing company in Aberdeen, Scotland for web marketing for small business.

Brand your business – Branding your business is one of the best ways to get your products to stand out above the rest.  Part of a building a brand is associating the name and image of your company with quality in the minds of your customers. When people see a brand image they know, they are reminded of the reasons they trust the company, and they may feel compelled to choose your products or services over those of your competitors.Put your logo on all your products, store front, ads, social media connections, online marketing materials, etc.  Build your business on your brand, and honesty and your customers will come like Field of Dreams.

Marketing Budget – Have a marketing budget, and make the most out of your budget.  A great deal of advertising can be done without spending an arm or a leg.  Facebook is a good way to keep in touch with customers, or potential clients and costs nothing to send out quick notes.  Another less expensive method of advertising is using web based articles on websites, and other online platforms to get the latest news out on your business, even publish special offers to those loyal to that platform.

Search Engine Optimization – Many customers look for businesses online, and choose those that are found first.  Search engine optimization helps your web presence move to the top of the list.  This will help you generate more customers, and clients and be seen by more traffic.  It can be accomplished in different ways, but my favorite is to write articles to help your customers better understand and find your business.

Keep Up to Date – Nothing will turn away a customer more than when the load up your site, and find a web site from the 1990′s.  The static front page, with several other static pages linked on the main site, or a site that takes a long time to load with intensive graphics.  Out of date phone numbers, or hours of operation.  These things will turn customers away and cripple your business.  Please keep up to date

Test  new Features – When you add a new feature to your online marketing, please be sure to test it.  Nothing will help your business more than to have accurate information, and links on your site, advertisements, and more.  I can not tell you how many sites I have loaded up only to find that they are old, and the links have since been discontinued.

Testimonials – Nothing is quite so powerful than the recommendation of your business from another customer.  I have bought more computer equipment on the recommendation of a friend or family member than I can tell you.  None of these items would have been bought with the companies I used unless a friend told me about them first.  Testimonials are powerful beyond measure. They have to be seen, and heard and on the forefront of your business and you will shine.

Engage your audience – If your business does not engage its customers or clients, then you will loose them.  As in one of my previous articles on communication, if you do not continue to engage your customers, you will loose them.  Nothing says you care more than if you continue to talk with them about what they are experiencing in their lives.  I have a friend who recently lost use of his legs for a short time.  I have spoken to him about this event, and prayed for him, and I saw him walking today, and I made sure to tell him that I was happy to see him and noticed him walking around.  The small things in life make the big things possible.  Do not worry about making a big deal out of nothing, just be yourself, talk and listen, and you will engage your audience.

Try different Strategies – When all else fails change it up, and do something different.  I once heard the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Business is not cut and dry, and no one knows how to do and fix every business.  That being said, if what your doing now is not working, then it is time to try something else.  If your advertising in the Yellow Pages, and your not getting any customers, try advertising somewhere else.

Accountable Marketing – Most important, do not waste your money without knowing what your getting for it in return.  Please do not spend money on advertising and expect some magic wand to be waved and all your problems to be fixed.  I can not stress this enough.


All advertising can be tracked.  From the phone book, to the sign on the side of the road, to the ad in the paper, to the website.  Know what your money is doing for you.I hope all my readers will be able to use this information to help benefit their businesses and grow.

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