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To regular readers of this blog, you’ll know that we focus on different aspects of technology, the cutting edge, the forward frontier, and the ever-pushed boundaries of innovation are for us, a comfort zone. But sometimes, despite all our innovation and technical know-how, we are faced with a rather old problem.

Our printer broke. It’s that simple, at our office, we use a fancy multi-functional unit, it does all the usual things and it does them all pretty well. It scans, it copies, it prints A3 and A4, what else do you need really? It doesn’t re-invent the wheel, it can’t time travel, but what do you want, it’s a perfectly functional printer! We use it for printing, it really doesn’t get any simpler. But when it broke, we suddenly found ourselves hamstrung.

We couldn’t print things out to proof them, we couldn’t scan documents or images, and we couldn’t … Read the rest

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I have recently had the please of arraging some conferences and seminars in various cities around the UK. As well as using premium venues such as 99 City Road – one of my favorite conference venues in London, I have also been arranging dates in smaller provincial towns such as Shrewsbury, Cirencester and Preston. However, a new venue for me is Ipswich and, I can truly say, its one of the most pleasant conference venues I have had the pleasure of using in recent years. Heres why.

Ipswich is a great location for conferences.  It has transport links to the A14 and the A12, two train stations and is about main train lines from London and Norwich, is one hour’s drive from Stansted airport and even has a working global port.  The city is considered a commutable satellite city of London, so it is therefore a hub for … Read the rest

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The Chevvy Monte Carlo was created by designer Scott Butler as Chevrolet’s counterpart to the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix. After its release, it proved to be a great success for Pontiac in 1969 and Chevrolet wanted to capitalize on the success.

1970 saw the first Monte Carlo produced – the brainchild of Elliot M Estes (Pete) who was General Manager of Chevrolet at the time. Working with Chevrolet’s stylist Dave Holls and borrowing design elements and inspiration from the Cadillac Eldorado and Chevrolet Chevelle, they produced the muscular looking Monte Carlo.

Whereas the 1971 model featured only a few styling changes on the inside, the SS model got new “European symbol knobs”, and the four-spoke steering wheel became optional.

Mechanically, however, it was unchanged, although the small-block Turbo-Fire 400 two-barrel engine was dropped.

The distinctive Cadillac egg-crate grille – similar to the 1971 Chevrolet Caprice and a metal rear trim … Read the rest