Local printing solution with a global mindset – A personal touch can make all the difference

To regular readers of this blog, you’ll know that we focus on different aspects of technology, the cutting edge, the forward frontier, and the ever-pushed boundaries of innovation are for us, a comfort zone. But sometimes, despite all our innovation and technical know-how, we are faced with a rather old problem.

Our printer broke. It’s that simple, at our office, we use a fancy multi-functional unit, it does all the usual things and it does them all pretty well. It scans, it copies, it prints A3 and A4, what else do you need really? It doesn’t re-invent the wheel, it can’t time travel, but what do you want, it’s a perfectly functional printer! We use it for printing, it really doesn’t get any simpler. But when it broke, we suddenly found ourselves hamstrung.

We couldn’t print things out to proof them, we couldn’t scan documents or images, and we couldn’t copy notes ahead of a group meeting. Our office efficiency dipped and it didn’t go unnoticed, it created a knock-on effect that lead to me finishing over 45 minutes late, as I struggled to make up the time.

The solution was clear, we needed a new printer, or we needed our current printer fixed. Being a technologically advanced company, we headed straight to google, knowing that it automatically puts the most trusted and best websites to the very top of the search results.

That was when we encountered a fantastic, local company called A1 Digital Solutions. We got in touch with them through our website, and within the hour, a very friendly and knowledgeable technician was on site, looking at our printer.

He had all the answers at hand, he knew everything that could be causing problems and perhaps even more impressively, he made several suggestions that could save us money and time when using the printer in the future. He highlighted to us that there were several shortcuts we could make good use of.

He also said that if we were looking for a real saving, we would be better off leasing a printer from them, than using our current outdated setup. He was remarkably upfront and honest about the benefits as well as the drawbacks that we would encounter using a system like theirs.

I found his knowledge, and his up-front and business-like attitude very refreshing! He fixed our printer, but more importantly, he made me consider the actual use of our humble office printer. As valuable as it is, we could actually save money and time, updating our technology.

The next week I had a follow up call from the same technical at A1. That was when I was really sold. Just a small call, asking if we were getting on ok with the repairs, and if we’d had any more time to consider what he had said regarding swapping lease. It was that that made me realise that we were not dealing with a faceless conglomerate, but a small, family owned company, just trying to offer the best solutions to local businesses.

The next day, we switched our contract to one with A1 digital, our new printer arrived, and the very same technical was on site yet again, this time setting up our printer. He took particular interest in how we use the printer, do we print more or copy? After he had listened to us for a good 20 minutes, rambling on about something as mundane as printer usage, he set the printer up in the middle of the office, in a rather unconventional spot, but one that in his experience, he seemed to think would improve our efficiency.

Overall, I was staggered with the professionalism, knowledge, and overall level of skill that A1 Digital Solutions brought to the job. I don’t often recommend companies that offer services like they do, but I would heartily encourage anyone who needs a printer to check them out!

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